How Time Changes Can Disturb Your Dog’s Routine

How Time Changes Can Disturb Your Dog's Routine

How to Ease Your Dog Into the Changes in Time Zones

Make Gradual Changes

Making incremental modifications in your dog’s routine is the most effective strategy to ease the transition for your pet when the time changes. Begin by gradually altering your dog’s bedtime and wake-up time, as well as the times at which he eats and exercises, as well as the times at which he goes to sleep. If you normally take your dog out for a walk at 7 in the morning but the time has changed to 6 in the morning, start taking him out for his walk at 6:45 in the morning and progressively modify the time over the next few days until he is back on his typical routine.

Make Use Of Reinforcement Positive

When helping your dog adjust to changes in time, you should take use of the fact that dogs do well with positive reinforcement and use it to your advantage. Reward your dog for being well behaved throughout the process of the changeover. When he successfully adjusts to the new routine, reward him with sweets and praise him. Because of this, your dog will be more able to correlate the changes with pleasant experiences.

Provide Consistency

When it comes to assisting your dog in adjusting to changes in time zones, consistency is the most important factor. Maintain a set schedule, and do your best to maintain as much order and predictability as you can in the rest of your dog’s environment. Maintain the same level of lighting and temperature in your home as much as you possibly can. During the transition, if your dog has a habit of resting in a specific location, you should make sure that location is accessible and comfortable for him.

Use Calming Techniques

If you see that your dog is showing signs of anxiety or stress during the period of transition, you can try utilizing various strategies to help him relax. You might try massaging your dog, playing some soothing music, or using a calming pheromone spray on him to help him relax.

Consider Supplements

If you see that your dog is having a particularly difficult time adjusting to the new hour, you may want to give him a supplement that will help him relax in order to make the transition easier on him. Supplements made from natural ingredients, such chamomile and valerian root, have shown promise as an effective means of easing anxiety and facilitating relaxation.


The transition to a new time schedule can be challenging for dogs, but with little persistence and tolerance on your part, you can ease the transition for your canine companion. Keep in mind that adjustments should be made gradually, that positive reinforcement should be used, that consistency should be provided, that soothing tactics should be used, and that supplements should be considered if necessary. You may assist your dog feel more comfortable and lessen the amount of stress he is experiencing during this time by doing so.

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